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Troy Tulowitzki will participate in Rockies instructional league game Saturday

Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki will test out his surgically repaired groin in an instructional league game in Arizona on Saturday.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Troy Tulowitzki might not suit up for the Colorado Rockies again this year after injuries have stalled his season, but he'll at least have a shot at it if all goes well for him on Sunday. He'll be playing an instructional league game in Scottsdale, Arizona as he tries to get himself back into big league playing form.

UPDATE: Tulowitzki will play in an instructional league game on Saturday because there are no games on Sunday, according to Troy Renck.

Tulo will be playing five to seven innings during the game and getting an at-bat every single inning if possible. He is aiming for a possible return against the Diamondbacks in the team's last series of the season, but doesn't want to rush things like he did last time he came back from injury:

"I can get a lot of at-bats in a controlled situation and test it again. Maybe I will play in one of the last two regular-season games (against the Diamondbacks). But I have to be smart, (...) I might just stay in (the instructional league) and play more games down there."

Since being knocked out of the Rockies on May 30, Tulo had surgery on his left groin. The team has been knocked out of the playoff picture for months and won't miss him if he decides to stay down in the instructional leagues to prepare for a return in 2013.