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Dante Bichette envisions new Blake Street Bombers

Dante Bichette wants the Colorado Rockies to be an intimidating force to opposing pitchers.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Colorado Rockies made a statement in their latest hire: new hitting coach Dante Bichette. He's one of the most popular Rockies ever, and he's got his mind set on turning the team's group of hitters into one of Major League Baseball's feared units.

The former hitting instructor, Carney Lansford, struggled to connect with some hitters, as noted by the Denver Post. Bichette likely won't have that problem, as Rockies manager Walt Weiss said that the players would "fall in love with Dante," and that he will "establish relationships with our guys quickly."

So what does Bichette have to say? Aside from saying that the Rockies need to "get our swag back," he says that consistent play throughout the lineup is important. "We want to get to a point where we have a lineup with no easy outs, that can have thump in almost every spot."

He said that consistency every day is more important than focusing on one big performance. But as the Denver Post piece notes, Bichette is going to attack, and he wants the Rockies to intimidate opponents coming to Coors Field. Check out the source link for more quotes and backstory on Bichette.