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Rockies, Reds could have mutual trade interest in Dexter Fowler, Homer Bailey

Dexter Fowler's price is 'sky high', according to the Colorado Rockies. That might not stop them from trading for Reds starter Homer Bailey, who they reportedly have an interest in.


The Colorado Rockies have said that they don't plan on shopping Dexter Fowler around, but nevertheless he will likely be a hot target as the hot stove heats up. FOX Sports' MLB Buzz posited on Monday that one such trade could be the young outfielder in exchange for pitcher Homer Bailey.

According to FOX's MLB sources, the Rockies are fans of Bailey, who has put up solid numbers since joining the Reds in 2007. The 26-year-old had a 13-10 record with a career-best 3.68 ERA in 2012, encouraging numbers from a still growing player. He would certainly claim a starting spot in the still aching Rockies starting rotation which had a definite case for the title of the worst in the game last season.

Fowler is a hot commodity, coming off of a breakout year that saw him hit .300/.389/.474 with a career-high 13 home runs. The two players have similar salary, but the Rockies may want to aim a bit higher on any possible trade for Fowler -- their price for him is reportedly 'sky high'.

So the fit is there, but the Rockies may not bite. If they want to improve their anemic rotation though, a trade will almost certainly need to be in order at some point, and they have few players with a higher stock than Fowler at the moment.