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Walt Weiss influenced Dante Bichette's decision to be Rockies hitting coach

Former teammates Walt Weiss and Dante Bichette are reunited on the Rockies' coaching staff.

Doug Pensinger

There's a mid-90s feel to the Colorado Rockies these days following the recent hire of new manager Walt Weiss and, on Tuesday, the announcement of Dante Bichette as the new hitting instructor.

Bichette -- who put up big numbers the first few years at Coors Field from 1993-'99 -- had reportedly been on the Rockies' radar for the position for a few weeks. He didn't express much interest until his former teammate Weiss was hired as the new skipper, as Bichette told the Denver Post:

"Absolutely, Walt coming in made a difference," Bichette said. "I feel very comfortable with Walt, and we both loved our days with the Rockies. The fans have always made me feel very special."

Weiss and Bichette played together in Denver from 1994-'97. Weiss said he always appreciated Bichette's approach at the plate, making him a perfect fit for the position:

"He was the best I ever played with when it came to driving in runs," Weiss said. "He always had a terrific two-strike approach, and he was very, very good with runners in scoring position."

The Rockies lost 98 games in 2012. Weiss replaces Jim Tracy, who resigned as Rockies manager last month. The 48-year-old Bichette replaces Carney Lansford as hitting instructor.