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Jim Tracy resigns: Rockies in state of disarray

Jim Tracy's choice to resign on Monday was a surprising one. He was told earlier in the season that he could stay with the team as long as he wanted to manage them. His parting words after leaving sounded more like he was dumping the team than the other way around, which left a bad taste in the mouth of Rockies blog Purple Row.

The blog writes that the chaotic state of the Rockies is still fairly apparent with Tracy needing to leave on his own, even though he clearly wasn't the right man for the job that the Rockies had presented:

This tells me that the organization is in such disarray that they still aren't recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses properly. They wanted Tracy to come back. Tracy is notorious for being the type of manager who would rather go with a mediocre veteran over a struggling young player who just needs time to fight his way through a rough patch. (...) Tracy isn't the guy for that job, and yet the organization was set to have him manage the team forever.

Colorado has already begun the search for a new manager, with a few in-house candidates available as well as a surprising possible candidate in current player Jason Giambi. The hope should be that the team finds a guy who will play to the strengths of the club in the future, as the organization continues to "build from within" with solid prospects like Wilin Rosario and Josh Rutledge.