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Rockies OF Carlos Gonzalez comments on Jim Tracy's resignation

Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez released a statement on Jim Tracy's resignation as Rockies manager through his publicist, Fabiola Bohorquez.

Via Purple Row's Rafael Rojas Cremonesi:

"Jim Tracy's resignation is something I truly regret, since he gave me the chance to play in the major leagues and prove my talent. It has always been an honor to play for him. I always believed he would have a chance to be with us next year. He is truly respected inside our clubhouse and I hoped he would be with us so he could help us improve and have a better season in 2013. Sadly, we had one of the worst seasons in franchise history and when these things happen our jobs are at stake ... the General Manager has a decision to make and we will respect it. We hope our next manager comes in with all the best energy he can have so we can turn things around and make us a better team in 2013."

Although Gonzalez's struggles in the second half contributed to the club's poor performance, he carried the club through a first half that was just as tumultuous. As such, anything Gonzalez has to say on the subject certainly shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt. While there isn't a lot in his statement that is surprising, the fact that Gonzalez voiced his support of Tracy does say something, as several of his teammates, including Jordan Pacheco, Rex Brothers and Dexter Fowler, did the same thing shortly following the announcement.