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Jim Tracy out as Rockies manager

Before the season started, Jim Tracy was told he could manage the Rockies for as long as he wanted to. That want apparently dissipated after a 98-loss season, as Tracy resigned on Sunday.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy resigned from his position on Sunday, according to's Thomas Harding.

Tracy had been meeting with Rockies senior vice president of major league operations Bill Geivett over the past few days, as the two were discussing Tracy's future with the club, among other topics. It was reported yesterday that the Rockies would not make a decision until Monday at the earliest, but Tracy apparently took things into his own hands on Sunday.

Under Tracy, the Rockies finished 2012 with a 64-98 record, which was the worst season in the 19-year history of the franchise. Prior to that, the Rockies were one of baseball's most disappointing teams in 2011, struggling to a 73-89 finish after a strong start. Tracy led the Rockies to the postseason in 2009, guiding the team to a 74-48 record after taking over for Clint Hurdle, who stumbled to an 18-28 start. Things seemed to be going well for Tracy's club in 2010, as the team finished play on Sept. 18 with a 82-66 record, but the Rockies lost 13 out of their last 14 games and did not make the playoffs.

2013 would have been the final year of Tracy's deal, as he was set to make $1.4 million as the Rockies' manager. However, as recently as this past offseason, the Rockies told Tracy that he could be the manager of the team for as long as he wanted the position, with the two sides operating on a handshake agreement.