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Jason Giambi 'a very, very viable candidate' for Rockies' manager, says Bill Geivett

Veteran Jason Giambi remains squarely in the running for the Rockies' open managerial position.

Mike Ehrmann

The search for the next manager of the Colorado Rockies continues, and Jason Giambi remains a possible selection to take over the position, according to a report from Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post on Wednesday.

"I have known Jason for a long time and I know a lot of the aspects ... he can bring to a team, and (about) his ability, as far as his communication skills," Bill Geivett, Colorado's senior vice president of major-league operations said in the report. "I know that everybody here has gotten a sense of that. (Those) that had interaction with him probably feel the same way I do. And that is that he is a very, very viable candidate for this position."

While Ron Wotus, a bench coach with the National League champion San Francisco Giants, and other candidates outside the Rockies organization are being evaluated, Giambi, the 41-year-old veteran, left a strong impression with Geivett.

Geivett has known Giambi since he was 19 years old and has seen him mature into a respected clubhouse presence.