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Rockies 'managed by front office now,' says anonymous player

Colorado's controversial management structure causing clubhouse strife.

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Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

As the Colorado Rockies continue to search for a new manager following the resignation of Jim Tracy, debate rages inside the organization. Tracy walked away from the last year of his contract after a 64-98 season. The resignation came after the club installed assistant general manager Bill Geivett as personnel manager and limited Tracy's duties to on-field management and press relations. "A lot of situations have changed since I was first asked to manage this club," he told the Denver Post. "It changed quite a bit from May 29 to the present. I am not the right man for this position."

Geivett, who implemented a controversial four-man pitching rotation that Tracy did not approve of, told reporters the personnel management system would remain in place. However, he stressed the continued importance of the manager position, stating, "The role of the manager is an important one as the leader of our team. We are looking for a proper fit for our organization and someone who can help us restore a winning culture as soon as possible."

Sources from inside the team don't buy it:

"We are essentially being managed by the front office now," said one Rockies player, who commented on the condition of anonymity. "I'm really wondering what kind of manager - I'm talking about a good manager - would come in here and accept this."

No timetable has been given for the hiring process.