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NBA schedule 2012: Nuggets face Raptors, Hawks

The Denver Nuggets host the Toronto Raptors and then fly to Atlanta to play against the Hawks.


The Denver Nuggets host the Toronto Raptors on Monday before shipping off to face the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday for a primetime game on ESPN. It will be the first time the Nuggets face either team this year.

The game between the Nuggets and Hawks on Wednesday will precede the ESPN broadcast of the Dallas Mavericks visiting the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Thursday, the New York Knicks (12-4) will battle the Miami Heat (12-3) in South Beach as both teams enter the week as the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks opened their season against the Heat on Nov. 2 and won 104-84.

Also headlining the NBA calendar this week will be Tuesday's game pitting the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Brooklyn Nets. Coming into Monday, the Nets (11-5) were third in the Eastern Conference standings while the Thunder (14-4) were second in the Western Conference.

Raptors vs. Nuggets (Monday, 9 p.m. ET)

Nuggets vs. Hawks (Wednesday, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN)

Take a look at the full NBA schedule for this week at Sports Illustrated.