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2012 NBA schedule: Nuggets look to gain ground on OKC

The Denver Nuggets can gain some ground if they win their two games this week, including a featured game on TNT on Thursday.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The Oklahoma City Thunder are currently in control of the Northwest Division of the NBA, but the Denver Nuggets aren't far behind. Denver sits two games back of the Thunder going into this week, and will have a shot to catch up with two games during the week, including a featured game on Thursday against the Golden State Warriors.

Here's the full schedule for teams in the Northwest Division this week:

Monday, Nov. 26

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Detroit Pistons, 7:30 p.m. ET, CNW

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, 8 p.m. ET, SSN

Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz, 8 p.m. ET, Altitude 2

Tuesday, Nov. 27

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Sacramento Kings, 10 p.m. ET, FNo

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Washington Wizards, 7 p.m. ET, CNW

Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, 8 p.m. ET, CSH

Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Hornets, 8 p.m. ET, RT

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Clippers, 10:30 p.m. ET, FNo

Thursday, Nov. 29

Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

A full NBA schedule can be found over at