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2012 NBA standings: Nuggets 7th in West with .500 record

Eight games into the season, the Nuggets are playing .500 basketball.

Christian Petersen

In the always-tough Western Conference, a .500 record typically isn't enough to assure a spot in the 8-team playoff field. Eight games into the season, .500 is where the Denver Nuggets find themselves, though their 4-4 record is currently good enough for 7th place in the conference.

The 4-4 mark is tied with the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets for 7th best in the conference, though of course it's much too early to project that over a full season. Consider, especially, the Los Angeles Lakers, who at 3-5 are only a game back of that mark after starting the season worse than any other team in the league.

The 7-1 San Antonio Spurs and 6-1 Memphis Grizzlies currently top the rest of the conference, with the Los Angeles Clipper and Oklahoma City Thunder right behind.

In the Northwest Division, Denver is currently 1 1/2 games behind the Thunder (6-3) and half a game behind the second-place Minnesota Timberwolves (5-3), which is certainly a team Denver is expected to top in the standings when the end of the season comes.

Here's a look at the current Western Conference standings:

Western Standings

San Antonio Spurs 8 7-1 .875
Memphis Grizzlies 7 6-1 .857
Los Angeles Clippers 8 6-2 .750
Oklahoma City Thunder 9 6-3 .667
Minnesota Timberwolves 8 5-3 .625
Dallas Mavericks 9 5-4 .556
Denver Nuggets 8 4-4 .500
Houston Rockets 8 4-4 .500
Golden State Warriors 8 4-4 .500
New Orleans Hornets 6 3-3 .500
Utah Jazz 9 4-5 .444
Phoenix Suns 9 4-5 .444
Portland Trail Blazers 8 3-5 .375
Los Angeles Lakers 8 3-5 .375
Sacramento Kings 8 2-6 .250