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2012 NBA power rankings: Nuggets move up, Knicks and Spurs top rankings

The Nuggets went unbeaten last week, and this week's collective power rankings across the media landscape recognized the effort.

Christian Petersen

Though they lost Monday night to the Phoenix Suns, a 4-0 prior week and rebound from a rough start saw the Denver Nuggets climb in various power rankings this week.

Denver defeated the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors last week before their overall record evened out to 4-4 after the 110-100 loss in Phoenix on Monday night, and the power rankings took note of their run.

SB Nation's power rankings, written by Seth Rosenthal, had Denver at No. 12 overall with the San Antonio Spurs in the top spot, followed by the unbeaten New York Knicks at No. 2.

Matt Moore of has his top two flipped, with the Knicks at number one and the Spurs holding the second overall spot. As for the Nuggets, Moore also has them in the 12th position, making a big move up 17 spots from No. 29 a week ago.

Over at, Marc Stein has the Spurs and Knicks atop his rankings, with the Miami Heat dropping from the top spot to No. 3 overall after being walloped by the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday night. Again, Denver made a giant leap, going up 14 spots from No. 22 to eighth overall.

Kurt Helin at put the Nuggets in ninth place overall after being in 19th place a week before. Helin has the Knicks at number one, the Spurs in second and the Grizzlies in third -- up from seventh last week -- and one spot above Miami.