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Pioneers need to do better in non-conference games, Paul Phillips says

The Denver Pioneers are hammering home the importance of their non-conference games after some embarrassing slip ups last season.

US Presswire

University of Denver hockey senior captain Paul Phillips shared with reporters during Tuesday's media day that the team is emphasizing an importance on doing better in their non-conference schedule this year, according to the team's website.

Here's exactly what the senior defenseman had to say on the subject:

"We're stressing the importance of these games, because last season we had some lapses in non-conference games," Phillips said. "(The game against) Alabama Huntsville comes to mind, and that will not happen this year. It can't happen this year. That's a focal point for us going forward."

The Alabama Huntsville game he was referring was was when Denver gave the Chargers one of their two wins they earned all season. The Pioneers did come out and win, 5-2, the next night but not even the largest of win margins could take away from the sting of losing 3-2 to a team who went 2-28-1 that year.

Overall, Denver went 9-6 in non-conference games, including two straight losses to North Dakota and Ferris State to close out the year.

The Pioneers' 2012-2013 non-conference foes include Boston University, Cornell, New Hampshire and Yale. Denver opens the season this Friday against UMass Lowell with puck drop currently scheduled for 7:37 p.m. MT.