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Andre Iguodala Trade: George Karl Talks About Nuggets' Latest Additions

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl joined KFFN radio in Denver with Scott Hastings, to recap Denver's offseason, discuss the team's summer transactions and talk about what the Nuggets need to do in order to move forward as a team.

Speaking on the trade Denver made this offseason, Karl offered this:

We didn't want to make a trade unless we knew it was going to make us better. [Andre Iguodala] was kind of rumored all last year and a little bit after the season, [the Philadelphia 76ers] have Evan Turner that they maybe want to give a little more opportunity to, they see Iguodala and Turner being a little bit repetitive and of course Iguodala has the bigger contract so I think Masai [Ujiri] just did a great job of keeping a good pulse of what was going on. The negative of the trade is giving up Arron Afflalo and [Al Harrington] who were both very, very pivotal players on our basketball team last year and they're good leaders on our team. Everybody is saying, what is the difference of the team going to be? And I'm not afraid of the differences and I'm hoping we can get whoever, Ty Lawson or Iggy or someone, into that locker room and give us the positive leadership that Arron and Al gave us and maybe a little bit more.

Karl adds later on in the interview that the young guys need to "gain confidence and build trust" in order for the Nuggets to take the next step, and that Karl expects the team to be one of the top four teams in the Western Conference in 2012-13.

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