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Andre Iguodala Trade Analysis: Iguodala A Defensive Upgrade, But What About The Offense?

Andre Iguodala's arrival in Denver has largely been seen as a positive thing. When you essentially swap an efficient complementary piece -- Arron Afflalo -- for a player coming off an All-Star selection, it is generally a good idea.

Over at Denver Stiffs, The Unitary Executives crunched some numbers to demonstrate exactly how Iguodala will make the team different. Here's the takeaway:

Let's start with the good. Iguodala defends at an elite level. Our perimeter defense was awful last year, particularly from three. With Iguodala, our perimeter defense should be shored up and we have a strong shutdown defender for the Kevn Durants of the world. He fights through screens as well as anyone in the league.

Here's the bad, Andre Igoudala turns the ball over - a lot. As mentioned above, it's almost entirely because he's not a very good dribbler and loses the ball when making moves to the basket.

It's also mentioned that Iguodala could make the Nuggets' halfcourt offense less aesthetically pleasing, partially because of his turnovers and partially because of the contested jumpers he sometimes takes. One thing to keep in mind, though: on this roster, Iguodala likely will not be asked to create as much as he has in the past. If he takes more catch-and-shoot jumpers -- the ones that boosted his 3-point percentage to a career high 39.4 percent last season -- than jumpers off the dribble, then he might not have a detrimental effect on the offense. If he can make their transition offense even better than it was last season, there could be an uptick in efficiency.

Read the entire piece for a look at how Iguodala and Afflalo compare with regards to defensive impact, usage, shooting and rebounding.

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