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NBA Free Agency 2012: Denver Nuggets Biding Time

The Denver Nuggets aren't making waves in the NBA free agent market, and that's just the way they should be going.


It's been a week since NBA free agents have been able to discuss with teams and there have been a multitude of moves so far to say the least. Where have the Denver Nuggets been in this? They re-signed Andre Miller for 3 years, which was a safe move, and hopefully Miller can continue to command the second unit and not be on the floor with Ty Lawson as much as he was last year.

Besides that, the Nuggets let Rudy Fernandez go to Spain, which isn't necessarily good or bad. Fernandez has been a player of mediocrity for the past couple of years and bringing him back wouldn't help or hurt the Nuggets too much.

Here's what the Nuggets haven't done in free agency: make brainless decisions.

They haven't offered Landry Fields three-years, $20 million like the Toronto Raptors. They're not overpaying for Jeremy Lin or Jamal Crawford. NBA general managers around the league will continue to over pay and make mindless, rash decisions, and the Nuggets aren't doing that.

The main priority for the Nuggets now should be keeping around restricted free agent JaVale McGee. McGee already showed he can be a good player for the Nuggets, but he also showed he can be a headcase. David Aldridge reported that Portland and Indiana are looking into McGee, but the Nuggets will have a chance to match and they should, barring a ridiculous overpay from another team. It's the NBA, so JaVale McGee could get an overpay, but I would trust Masai Ujiri, the Nuggets' GM, with whatever happens with McGee.

As for the rest of the team, the main core is coming back and obviously the Nuggets aren't near the Thunder or a championship contender talent wise, but they can continue to make the playoffs and compete until a great option whether it be via trade or free agency comes along.

Remember, this team took the Los Angeles Lakers to seven last year and the Nuggets were given no shot in that series. Moreover, patience and playing the waiting game can only benefit the Nuggets at this point in free agency.

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