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2012 NBA Summer League: Evan Fournier Impresses In Las Vegas

Denver Nuggets first round draft pick Evan Fournier will have to work his way into the team's deep, complete rotation, but if he plays like he did at the 2012 Summer League, he may just do it. Fournier was the star of Denver's Summer League team this year, and his play was good enough that SB Nation's Mike Prada called him one of five "late-round steals" in this year's draft.

Here is Prada, who covered the Summer League in Vegas for SB Nation, on what he saw from Fournier over the course of the week:

It's too bad there aren't a lot of minutes available in Denver because I'd like to see Fournier's style in the Nuggets' wide-open system. I really like how he attacks in straight lines, covering lots of ground in a short amount of time when defenders close out on his shot. The Nuggets thrive on attacking closeouts, and Fournier is very good at that skill. He also shot the ball better than I expected given his play overseas.

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