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2012 NBA Summer League: Nuggets Reflect On Aurora Shooting

With the horrifying incident in Aurora capturing the attention of the nation, a Denver Nuggets Summer League game instantly felt unimportant. As Kenneth Faried told Scott Howard-Cooper of, the immediate thought following news of the tragedy was not on basketball, but instead on the well-being of the Denver community:

"We talked about it," said Faried, the starting power forward last season as the Nuggets pushed the Lakers to seven games in the first round before losing. "It was tragic. It was just terrible for anybody. Even though we don’t live in Colorado, we represent the Denver Nuggets. We’re not from there, but guys still support it."

The team mourned the individuals harmed in the tragedy by wearing black headbands at the game and a moment of silence was held prior to the start of the matchup with the Portland Trail Blazers.

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