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Nuggets Free Agency: Denver Loves Corner Threes, Might They Sign Another SG Or SF?

The Denver Nuggets haven't been feeding the NBA Free Agency rumor mill like the Brooklyn Nets and Dwight Howard, but they could still makes some important additions to their team when the moratorium on new contracts is lifted on July 11. With Andre Miller signed to a new deal, JaVale McGee still floating around in restricted free agency and Rudy Fernandez back overseas, Denver will likely be making small moves to supplement anything they do with McGee.

The Nuggets may be wise to search for another shooter to space the floor and shoot corner threes, as George Karl's offense attempted the fifth-most corner threes per game in 2012. This comes from professor Kirk Goldsberry of, who broke down the best and worst corner three teams and players around the NBA in his latest post. Despite the high number of attempts from the corner, the Nuggets did not rank in the top-5 on conversion rate and had no players who performed at the top of the league either.

Incremental improvements may be best (because they will be cheap), so here is a breakdown of some available wing players capable of hitting the corner three, via Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop:


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