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2012 NBA Draft Combine Measurements: Damian Lillard With Above-Average Height And Wingspan?

The 2012 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago is churning out measurements on various prospects, and every inch counts in the evaluations by NBA general managers and scouts. Weber State point guard Damian Lillard produced excellent numbers in his college career and he scored with terrific efficiency despite a high usage rate, but size has been a question.

Chad Ford of ESPN is reporting measurements for various players via Twitter on Friday, and Lillard measured out well. Here are the exact measurements, via Ford:

These may not look like much on their own, so it's important to take a look and compare the measurements to the averages from draft prospects over the years. Draft Express has compiled average height, wingspan and standing reach by position for multiple NBA drafts, and Lillard is above-average in terms of height without shoes (nearly 0.75 inches above the PG average) and also with regard to wingspan (2.2 inches above PG average). Take a look at the chart for the sake of comparison (via Draft Express):

Primary Position Sample Size Avg Height w/o Shoes Average Weight Average Wingspan Average Standing Reach
PG 93 6' 1.02" 189 6' 5.3" 8' 1.4"
SG 90 6' 3.76" 202 6' 8.5" 8' 5.4"
SF 91 6' 6.40" 214 6' 10.7" 8' 8.5"
PF 127 6' 7.95" 235 7' 1 8' 11
C 67 6' 10.44" 253 7' 3.6" 9' 2.4"

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