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2012 NBA Draft: Nuggets G Evan Fournier Wants To Play In NBA Immediately

The Denver Nuggets almost certainly drafted French guard Evan Fournier with an eye on keeping him stashed in Europe for another season. But that hasn't phased Fournier just yet, who told assembled press that he intends to play in the NBA in 2012-2013:

"I want to play next season. I don't want to come back to Europe. I need to be the best player I can, score and play defense."

(via The Denver Post)

Fournier, unfortunately for him, doesn't control his own destiny in this matter. The Nuggets already go four deep on the wing, and it's considered highly unlikely that Fournier suits up for his NBA team before the 2013-2014 season. But, the Nuggets have an eye on a deep playoff run, and they may determine that Fournier is too good to leave off of the roster.

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