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Damian Lillard Brings An 'A' Grade For Portland's 2012 NBA Draft On SB Nation

Former Weber State point guard Damian Lillard flew off the draft board at No. 6 overall with the Portland Trail Blazers' first selection of the 2012 NBA Draft, and nearly everyone is feeling good about their picks. Meyers Leonard also joined the fray at No. 11, so those two lottery picks are the basis for any grade assigned to the Blazers. Tom Ziller of SB Nation released his 2012 NBA Draft Grades for the Western Conference teams, and Portland earned an "A" grade because he thinks Lillard will become a good pro:

Drafted Damian Lillard No. 6, drafted Meyers Leonard No. 11, sold No. 41 to Nets for cash

The Blazers filled two immediate needs at point guard and center, so alright! The question is whether either of them are any good. I tend to believe that Lillard will be a good pro because of his shooting ability. We'll see how he is as a passer; the canvas is pretty blank on that one, as it is for every small-conference scoring guard. Leonard looked like a disaster on draft night; he should fare a bit better on the court, provided he can get up to speed quickly on what space LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers' star, takes up. Because of the NBA learning curve and the vital positions these two rookies will be in, it could be a tough season for Portland. But the future looks brighter today. GRADE: A

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Denver. For more comprehensive draft coverage, head over to SB Nation's NBA news hub.