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Damian Lillard Impressed During Trail Blazers Workout

The Weber St. Wildcats product, PG Damian Lillard, wowed scouts and Portland Trail Blazers personnel during his early June workout with the team, but the full extent of the impression he left on Portland is just now being fully understood.

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According to Dwight Jaynes of CSN NorthWest, Lillard left the Blazers with only positive remarks:

One person at the workout said, "I swear, he missed two shots the whole time -- that's all. He was amazing."

Another source was even stronger.

"It's the best workout we've had here since Kevin Durant," he said, echoing what others have said about that workout.

Lillard is currently expected to land with the Trail Blazers at pick No. 6, but the Oakland, California, native has also been touted as a sleeper pick in the upcoming 2012 NBA draft, suggesting he may go even go higher if other teams become keen on him.

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