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2012 NBA Draft: Damian Lillard Only Doing Solo Workouts

Damian Lillard has shot up the draft boards and is projected to be one of the first point guards taken in the 2012 NBA Draft. With the draft approaching Lillard has worked out with multiple teams over the past week, but he has only been doing individual workouts:

Weber State's Damian Lillard has been doing only solo workouts. So far he has worked out for the Raptors (6/12), Kings (6/13), Blazers (6/15) and Warriors (6/17). The Hornets have been trying to get him in, but he'll come only if they agree to a solo workout. It's an interesting strategy for Lillard; I'm not sure whether it's going to help him or hurt him.

This is an odd scenario for Lillard to request, but it could have something to do with coming from a smaller school in Weber State. Plus, Lillard is considered a lottery pick so he might be thinking that it is in his best interest to not risk potentially being exposed by others in a workout.

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