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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Quincy Miller To Denver In Ziller's Latest Mock

George Karl and the Denver Nuggets value depth across the floor and have made using nearly their entire bench the team's trademark in recent years. In the 2012 NBA Draft, the Nuggets could look to bolster that bench at any position, though some expect them to look at point guard with the potential departure of Andre Miller in their minds. But, in his most recent 2012 NBA mock draft for SBNation, Tom Ziller sees the Nuggets choosing Baylor small forward Quincy Miller.

The Nuggets have a good set of wings already, and they drafted small forward Jordan Hamilton last year. But Miller, who stands six-foot-ten, would provide versatility and could theoretically be groomed to one day replace Al Harrington as the team's small forward/power forward hybrid.

Incidentally, ESPN NBA guru John Hollinger thinks that Miller is one of the most underrated players in the draft. Hollinger recently rated Miller as the sixth best player available, which is far above where he is expected to be selected in the draft.

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