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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Another Version Ties Damian Lillard To Portland

Weber State point guard Damian Lillard is projected to be taken with the sixth overall selection in the latest mock draft from, which went up over the weekend. This is just the latest publication that's tied Lillard to Portland with the sixth pick, although it's worth noting that some unconventional choices were made here.

While this mock does have some more unexpected picks (such as Andre Drummond-to-Charlotte and Thomas Robinson-to-DC), this is far from the first time that we've seen Lillard being associated with Portland. The Blazers were clearly disappointed with Raymond Felton last season, and Lillard would provide an immediate burst of athleticism.

At this point, the sixth overall pick does feel like the ceiling for where Lillard can ultimately be selected, though. Lillard isn't really being considered a possible top-2 pick, and the three other teams that round out the first five selections (Washington, Cleveland, Sacramento) already have young point guards to work with.

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