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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Damian Lillard Heads To Toronto Raptors In SI Mock Draft

The analysts at Sports Illustrated foresee PG Damian Lillard landing with the Toronto Raptors at the 8th overall pick in the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft:

8) TORONTO RAPTORS: PG Damian Lillard Weber State (Jr.) 6-2, 185

Having seen one of Lillard's workouts in Oakland, Calif., recently, I can almost guarantee that he'll be impressing a lot of people as he continues to make the rounds before the draft. He'll have to work his way up draft boards to overcome the doubts about coming from the mid-major Big Sky Conference. He has a great motor and underrated athleticism, he is a creative and reliable scorer, and he would give Toronto's offense some punch as part of the team's possible post-Jose Calderon plan (the veteran point guard has one year left on his contract, worth $10.6 million)...

Lillard ranks as one of the top point guard prospects in the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft. The Weber State grad played four seasons in the Big Sky Conference, scoring an average of 18.6 points per game with 4.3 rebounds per game as well.

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