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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Might The Nuggets Turn To Fab Melo Of Syracuse?

The last time the Denver Nuggets selected a player from the Syracuse Orange in the NBA Draft, the team wound up with Carmelo Anthony. But that was all the way back in 2003 and he has already moved on from Denver. Might there be a return of a Melo to the Mile High City? The Sporting News' Deveney thinks the Nuggets should go after Syracuse center Fab Melo:

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The Nuggets traded away Nene this season, and they’re not sold on JaVale McGee as the long-term solution inside. Adding a talented center who will need some time to develop, like Melo, is a good back-up plan.

McGee had a big playoffs performance, which might send teams to throw plenty of money at the restricted free agent. How high will the Nuggets go to match an offer remains the question. This pick is certainly wide open and even potentially open in a trade. Anyone's guess on what the Nuggets will do here is probably in the range of possibilities.

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