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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Damian Lillard Goes To Hornets In SB Nation Projection

The 2012 NBA Draft is less than two months, but we are still several weeks away from knowing the final lottery selection order. No matter how that turns out, Weber St. Wildcats guard Damian Lillard is expected to be a lottery pick. And the mock drafts are already showing that. SB Nation's Tom Ziller has released his latest NBA mock draft (lottery only) and has Lillard as the No. 10 overall pick:

10. HORNETS via WOLVES by way of CLIPPERS: Damian Lillard, Weber State

Low turnover rate, high scoring efficiency, good size, the name "Damian" which evokes fear via its Satanic associations ... what's not to like? Now, what exactly is a "Weber State" and where do I find it on my globe?

Remedial Utah geography for everyone if this joke continues to build as we approach the draft. Utah, people, Utah (even if that's not the point of the joke). And no "Weber is not a state" jokes, either.

Lillard is competing with the North Carolina Tar Heels' Kendall Marshall to be the first point guard off the board. In this projection, Marshall goes two picks earlier to Toronto Raptors. Marshall is the third straight Tar Heel off the board and the third of four selected in the lottery. We'll see about Marshall going ahead of Lillard, as the Weber State prospect might be the best point guard in the draft.

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