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NBA Trade Rumors: Could Nuggets Acquire Lakers' Trade Exemption?

It's not even the full NBA offseason yet, but the Los Angeles Lakers are out of the playoffs and thoughts are being tossed around on what they should do to get back to the NBA Finals. Over at the L.A. Times, Mike Bresnahan offers five ways for that to happen, and one of them involves the Denver Nuggets:

Send a future second-round pick and the $8.9-million traded-player exception (from the Lamar Odom deal) to Denver for forward Al Harrington.

This would certainly help the Nuggets relieve themselves of the $21.4 million left on the three years of his contract while also picking up the trade exception, but would the Lakers really want to take on that contract? Harrington did improve in his second year with the Nuggets, but at 32 and bench player, Harrington might be too expensive.

If such a trade were to happen, the Nuggets could use it to sign JaVale McGee or Ty Lawson to long-term deals, as Bresnahan suggests, but it could also allow the Nuggets to make a trade. What that would be, well, who know. This is all just idle speculation right now.

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