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2012 NBA Draft: Damian Lillard Will Have Web Series Called 'License To Lillard'

Weber St. Wildcats point guard Damian Lillard is widely projected to be the first or second player at his position to be selected in the 2012 NBA Draft and is almost certainly a lottery pick. But how well does the populace at large know Lillard or Weber State (it's in Ogden, UT)? Lillard plans on releasing a series of YouTube video series titled "License to Lillard." Here's a teaser for it:

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Lillard was second in the nation in scoring as a junior with 24.5 points per game. Be sure to follow Lillard's journey to the NBA over the next month. This series will surely offer plenty of great information on one of the lesser-known but highly talented prospects in this year's draft class.

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