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JaVale McGee Does Not, In Fact, Own Two Platypus'

Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee apparently decided that with the off season now in full swing, he had nothing better to do than engage in some high class trolling on Twitter. His idea was certainly interesting enough, as McGee started tweeting early on Monday that he had, at some point, acquired two platypus'.

Even better, the two platypus' were named Peter and Paul and apparently were poisoning him until his hand turned 'Barney Purple'. Naturally, this created a bit of a stir in the media, where making fun of JaVale McGee has been a fun past time for quite a while now. Some big names picked up the story.

Jokes on them!

Turns out that McGee was playing them for fools the entire time and had crafted the story as a fun joke.

Well played, McGee. Well played, especially the fact that the original platypus picture he tweeted was stolen straight from Google Images.