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Lakers Vs. Nuggets: Kenneth Faried Hit Hard On Head By Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant isn't feeling well -- dealing with the stomach will make that happen. However, he also isn't playing good defense. Denver Nuggets rookie forward Kenneth Faried made a drive to the basket with Bryant and Matt Barnes around him. As Faried leaps into the air, Barnes is in front and to the right of his opponent. Bryant, on the other hand, is behind Faried. Let's take a look at what happens after that:

OK, I see Bryant sort of try to swat the ball away from Faried, but that a whole lot of elbow and arm that slams into the back of Faried's head. Faried falls to the floor and all the way into the sidelines. And he doesn't look good at all. He clearly was dazed and confused after that (check out the GIF of that).

Faried got back up, stayed in the game and played with the same intensity he has had all game.

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