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Nuggets Vs. Lakers Score Update: Denver Down Six At Half

The Denver Nuggets went into the locker room on Friday night down 54-48 to the Los Angeles Lakers, but after starting the second quarter with an 11-point deficit, that halftime margin is a cause for mini-celebration. The Nuggets rediscovered their shooting touch in the second quarter, but their defense still left a bit to be desired, as the Lakers ended the half shooting an even 50% as a team including 4-9 from three. They also out-rebounded Denver by eight in the first two periods, with remains a bugaboo for Denver as they make a push for the playoffs.

Andre Miller led the Nuggets in the half, scoring 10 points on 5-8 shooting, which was a point ahead of Ty Lawson, who put up nine points in the half, albeit on 4-11 shooting. The Lakers, meanwhile, had three players in double figures, with Matt Barnes improbably heading the charge with 15 points on 6-7 shooting to go along with six rebounds. Andrew Bynum, who scored ten points in the first, only finished the half with 11 total, but the slack was picked up by Metta World Peace, who also dropped in 11 points.

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