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Nuggets Vs. Hornets Score Update: Denver Up By Four At Half

The Denver Nuggets have been unable to shake the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night, and after being outscored by two points in the second quarter, the Nuggets go into the half up only by the score of 50-46. The are three main culprits that have allowed the Nuggets to continue to nip at Denver's heels: Denver's defense, it's three point shooting and free throw shooting.

As for the first, the Nuggets allowed New Orleans to shoot 47% from the field in the first half, which is far above the Hornets' average on the season. As far as the second goes, Denver shot only 3-12 from three in the first half, which included no makes on two misses by Ty Lawson, Al Harrington and Danilo Gallinari. Then there's Denver's shooting from the free throw line, where they left six points on the floor, shooting 9-15, which is good for only 60%. New Orleans, comparatively, shot 8-10 from the line.

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