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Nuggets Vs. Bobcats Recap: Denver Slides Past Charlotte, 99-88

The Denver Nuggets did what you're supposed to do when you visit the Charlotte Bobcats: beat them. Despite falling behind the Bobcats 29-23 in the first quarter, Denver was able to secure a relatively easy 99-88 victory thanks to strong play from just about the entire squad. Five Nuggets scored in double figures on Friday night, with Arron Afflalo's 19 points and Corey Brewer's 17 leading the way.

The Nuggets shot 52% from the field despite only making two of 17 three pointers, but two factors titled heavily in their favor, powering them to victory. For one, they attempted 29 free throws to Charlotte's 11 and made 21 to Charlotte's 10, an 11 point difference that accounted exactly for the margin of victory. Secondly, the Nuggets outrebounded the Bobcats 49-34, with Afflalo and Al Harrington pacing Denver with 11 apiece.

The Nuggets will take Saturday off as they travel south to face the Orlando Magic on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. CT.

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