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Wilson Chandler Rumors: Agent Of Nuggets' RFA Makes Cryptic Tweet

File this tweet by Wilson Chandler's agent, Chris Luchey, as rather cryptic:

So, I don't think that means what we think it means. The only thing we can be certain of is that Chandler and Luchey are in Denver. The "4 seasons in our future" is unlikely to mean that the team has a four-year contract with the Denver Nuggets yet. More than likely, that's what Chandler is looking for from the Nuggets in a long-term deal.

As it stands, the Nuggets remain Chandler's only option should he want to play in the NBA this season. He did not sign an offer sheet with another team before the March 1 restricted free agent deadline, limiting him to the Nuggets. Yet, he could also head over to Italy and play part of a season there, as rumors had it a couple of weeks ago. Chandler did play in the Chinese Basketball Association during its season and couldn't return to the NBA until that season ended.

It's a long-term deal or nothing for both sides in this.