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Allen Iverson, Former Nuggets Player, Drawing Interest From Puerto Rican Team

I think we can forgive Denver Nuggets fans if they've lost track of Allen Iverson ever since he was traded to the Detroit Pistons in the Chauncey Billups trade back in 2008. I certainly have. He hasn't played in an NBA game in nearly two years (Feb. 20, 2010) and couldn't stick in a basketball league over in Turkey.

Apparently, Puerto Rico's professional basketball league is trying to entice him to join the league, possibly helping him to make his way back into the NBA, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Puerto Rico sounds like a better destination to play in than heading overseas to Turkey.

Over at, Bomani Jones has written about the tragedy of Allen Iverson after learning recently that the former NBA star has had his bank account garnished as a result of an unpaid jewelry bill. There's some good stuff there, so go and check it out.