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VIDEO: Rudy Fernandez Is Master Of Receiving A Fake Elbow

Denver Nuggets forward Rudy Fernandez has come up with some nice plays so far this season. He had a blind pass to Kenneth Faried, allowing the rookie to score his first career points. He also had a sweet third quarter buzzer-beating shot against the Los Angeles Clippers, though the game eventually went in favor of the Clips.

On Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, Fernandez didn't do anything quite like either of those. Instead, he showed us the great art of how to receive a fake elbow. Let's go to the video:

Fernandez has Matt Barnes covered on the sideline. Barnes swings his arms with the ball in his hands and Fernandez flops in this instance by moving his head back, faking an elbow to the face. The referee calls a technical foul on Barnes for intentionally swinging his arms.

It didn't really change the flow of the game, as the Lakers still wound up winning, 93-89.