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Wilson Chandler Rumors: Toronto Raptors' Cap Space Not Enough To Sign RFA

The Wilson Chandler saga continues. March 1 is the last day a team can offer (and Chandler can sign) an offer sheet from a team other than the Denver Nuggets. Just don't expect the Toronto Raptors to be the team to extend an offer, even though he has spoken with the team in the past week. The Raptors don't have enough cap space to outbid the Nuggets for Chandler's service, reports the Toronto Sun.

Since the Raptors are reportedly not going to extend an offer, Wilson will have his choices limited to the Nuggets, an overseas team, or sitting out from any basketball activities for the rest of the season. An unnamed Italian team is supposedly negotiating with Chandler's agent, Chris Luchey, to sign the guard to a deal, but that could also be a bluff to the Nuggets to blink.

The Nuggets don't want to sign Chandler for the remaining half of the season because that would send him to unrestricted free agency this summer. Chandler spent the first half playing for the Chinese Basketball Association.

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