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Wilson Chandler Rumors: Italian Team Attempting To Sign Nuggets RFA

Wilson Chandler's 2011-2012 season has a new wrinkle to it on Monday. The Denver Nuggets free agent has apparently turned his eyes toward Italy for the remainder of his season, according to his agent (via SportandoBakset):

However, no one knows the name of the team. There have been numerous bits of information floating around about Chandler since he was close to returning to the league. First, as we all know, he is a restricted free agent, meaning the Nuggets would be able to match any offer from an NBA team. But the Nuggets only want to sign Chandler to a long-term deal.

Wilson needs to sign an offer sheet before March 1 if he even wants the chance to play for another team. Once March 1 hits, he is pretty much glued in with the Nuggets.

Of course, maybe Chandler's agent is just blowing smoke here.

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