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Slam Dunk Contest 2012 Video: Paul George Jumps Over 7'2" Roy Hibbert

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George completed a dunk that involved a jump over his 7-foot-2 teammate, Roy Hibbert. Dahntay Jones was standing in front of Hibbert, which makes it a two-person leap, but Jones is just 6 feet 6 and an afterthought as a result of his size.

Now, Charles Barkley wasn't quite that impressed because George had to use his left hand to push off on Hibbert's left shoulder, providing an extra bit of leverage to complete the dunk. I don't agree with that at all, and it did take several tries to get this done. Just to pull off a successful dunk like that is sweet.

Remember, the fans will vote for the winning dunk this year. The judges have no part in it this year. But the Dunk Intensity Meter doesn't add much, either.

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