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Nuggets Coach George Karl 'Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut,' Says Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin is currently with the Los Angeles Clippers after a short time in the Chinese Basketball Association. He just recently spoke with Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick and blasted Denver Nuggets coach George Karl:

"Man, listen, George needs to keep his mouth shut, first and foremost," Martin said. "Melo don't play there no more. So Karl shouldn't be commenting on Melo. If George was such a great coach, then Melo would want to stay. He wouldn't want to leave.

Once someone starts telling us that someone else needs to stop speaking it seems likely that the original speaker probably needs to do that as well. Right?

But, looking beyond those comments directed toward George Karl, Martin also takes a shot at the Nuggets' organization as a whole:

"If the organization was ran right, he wouldn't want to leave, so it ain't Melo."

Maybe the Kroenke's aren't the best owners in the world (they aren't), but we need to admit that something's going right with the way the current team is (injuries hurting them, aside).