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VIDEO: Rudy Fernandez Nails An Amazing Buzzer-Beater Vs. Clippers

The Denver Nuggets entered the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers with an 83-77 lead. It was almost an 81-77 lead if not for the wild effort by Rudy Fernandez. Check it out:

Corey Brewer heaves a shot off from near midcourt right before the buzzer. It's wildly off the mark. But Rudy Fernandez is able to cut across the court and tip it in, with his left hand, mind you, all before the the buzzer goes off to end the third quarter.

Achilles tendon problems recently had hampered Rudy Fernandez, but he's played in the Nuggets' last two games and showed on that play that's he's not letting injury slow him down this season.