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Kenyon Martin Considering Playing In China For Upcoming Season, According To Report

Denver Nuggets free agent Kenyon Martin is considering signing a contract with a Chinese Basketball Association team. If so he would likely be the third Nugget to head over to China. Wilson Chandler has already done it and J.R. Smith is close.

First, Nuggets' forward Wilson Chandler signed with a Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Then rumors recently broke out that Nuggets forward/guard J.R. Smith was in contract negotiations with a CBA franchise. Now, Kenyon Martin might be the next Nugget on the way over to China, according to the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman.

He reportedly is talking with two teams, and should he sign, he will receive more than the $3 million Smith is rumored to have been offered. Just weeks earlier, it appeared that few NBA players would head over to China, but Chandler's move has brought some big names into the conversation.

All three players are free agents (restricted in Chandler's case), which allowed them to play in China. The CBA had passed rules that prevented players who have a current NBA contract from moving to their clubs. There are also no opt-outs in the contracts, which means that all three of them must play out their contract instead of returning to the NBA once the lockout if the lockout is resolved before then.

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