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Miami Heat Might Pursue Nuggets' Nene Once Lockout Ends

Might the Denver Nuggets' Nene join LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami once the current NBA lockout ends? Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald speculates that the Miami Heat will make a phone call to Nene's agent once the lockout ends to see if they can entice the talented center to move to South Beach.

Jackson doesn't believes it's a good possibility since the Heat can only offer a $6 million mid-level exemption--if that's in the new collective bargaining agreement. Still, the allure of playing with three high-profile players and a chance at an NBA championship could prove strong.

As Nate Timmons writes over at Denver Stiffs:

Sure, Nene could probably sign a two or three year deal in Denver and give it one last shot before chasing a title in the twilight of his car[e]er, but why not go for it while you could still be a key cog for a team that will definitely be right in the thick of things out East.

Nene might not want to stick around in Denver while they rebuild over the next couple of years. Without Carmelo Anthony on the team any longer, we'll need to see if the Nuggets can make the playoffs during a full season without him.

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