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NBA Postpones Training Camp, Cancels 43 Preseason Games

In the first real news of the NBA lockout since the lockout was put in place, the NBA announced that training camp has been postponed and that 43 preseason games have been canceled so far. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the league will decide by Oct. 1 if the remaining two weeks of preseason games should be canceled.

The 43 games that have been canceled are ones that run through Oct. 15. For the Nuggets, that means two road games against the Houston Rockets on Oct. 10 and 11 will not take place as scheduled. Unless a miracle breakthrough happens in the next week, the five remaining games, including two at the Pepsi Center, will not happen.

If the entire preseason is canceled, it's a good bet that the start of the season will be delayed. These are dark days for the NBA, and this doesn't look like it could turn into the NFL's turnaround in July.

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