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Wilson Chandler Will Play Basketball In China During NBA Lockout

Denver Nuggets restricted free agent Wilson Chandler has done a 180-degree turn and settled on China as his overseas destination during the NBA lockout, reports ESPN's J.A. Adande. It appeared as though Wilson was headed ti Italy last week, but that report turned out to be wrong n Monday. Shortly after that, this news broke.

Chandler will not have an opt-out clause should the owners and the players reach an agreement to end the lockout. Because he is an NBA free agent and not under contract, Chandler was allowed to sign with the Chinese Basketball Association's Zhejiang Guangsha. However, Adande notes that it is possible for Chandler to rejoin the NBA in April for the final few weeks of the season--that is, if he isn't playing in the CBA finals.

His salary is unknown, but believed to be between $1.7 million and $3.1 million. He will join fellow NBA'er Earl Clark with the Lions, the English translation of the team name.

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