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Nene's Free Agency On Hold, But Birth Of Child Is Not

With the NBA in a lockout, much like the NFL, fans are left in a void while the owners and the players argue over millions, even billions of dollars are split between both sides. And so no player movement can happen, among many other things, while the lockout is in place.

But the Denver Post's Woody Paige recently had a brief conversation with Nene, former Nugget and free-agent-to-be, but he only made some small talk, not wanting to disturb dinner between Nene and his wife, Lauren. There's going to be a little Nene running around soon enough.

Paige then goes on to explain that it makes too much sense for Nene to leave Denver: his wife is from Fort Collins, he's made a life in Denver, has a charitable organization in the state, he likes to play with this Carmelo Anthony-less team and because there is no better place to raise a kid than in Denver.

But ever the jokester, Woody Paige discusses five unidentified teams that could fit Nene's needs:

I've narrowed the field to five challenging cities that have wishes for a worthy player up front, cap room, direct flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Fogo de Chao restaurants.

He had me going until the last point.

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